About Us

cassetta hydrophonic

We started to deal with vinyl in 1998, when the free-party movement was growing in Europe.

The first official release labeled Hydrophonic records was released in 2002, when only the distribution of electronic music from the european independent techno movement was active since 4 years, distributing vinyls of techno tribes and labels. That was the end of the 90es and this activity created the backdrop for Hydrophonic’s genesis.

There was no official manifesto when Hydrophonic began, but the concept came from the “hydrophone”, a device used by submarines in world war one and two. A hydrophone is a microphone used in deep sea for underwater recordings and communication, it was used for submarines’ strategic communication during the war. It’s like a way to capture the sounds coming from a deep and submerged world. We decided to use this name because the label started in the world of free-parties and it was really an underground movement at that time. Within this movement we always tried to collaborate with original musicians and people with a very personal style of making music, thinking and living it, so it is like a challenge for us to go deeper and deeper to know new people, capture new sounds and music styles.

Hydrophonic is an attitude label, music is a consequence.

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